Jaguar upgrades: engine

We have a wide range of upgrades for your Jaguar engine.
You can think of modifications which improve the reliability such as:

β€’ Alternator conversion
β€’ Screw in core plugs
β€’ Fitting a 9.5 inch clutch
β€’ Fitting electronic ignition
β€’ Spin-on oil filter conversion
For the driver who expects more from the engine we also can supply a fully tuned engine

In β€œfast-road” version these engines will be provided with for example:

β€’ High compression pistons together with lightweight con rods
β€’ Bigger valves
β€’ Enlarged to 4.3 liters
β€’ Fully balanced
β€’ Weber carburetors or fully mappable injection.

For engine rebuild we work together with the best specialists in Holland.