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“Service without compromise”

“The passion for classic cars is in my DNA. Growing up amongst the cars in my parents garage infected me with the car virus at an early age and my passion for classic cars has helped me turn a hobby into my job.”

– André Nout, owner Nout Classic Cars

We are currently looking for classic and exclusive cars, for consignment sale or outright purchase.


Service without compromise.

A classic car is a precious possession that needs to be treated with care, regardless of whether it needs a full body-off restoration, partial restoration or preventive maintenance. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We will restore your car back to its former glory and keep your classic in tip-top condition.

Maintenance & Repair

Regular maintenance can be recommended for every car, especially for classics. A properly serviced car will experience less wear, be more reliable and, ultimately,  keep on going for longer. We can service your car for you and perform an MOT, should your car need one. Finally, we’ll take care of any repairs needed to get you back on the road safely.

Bodywork & Painting

In our fully equipped bodyshop, we will restore your classic’s paint to its former glory. When we restore a classic, we will first disassemble all components before stripping the old layers of paint back to bare metal. The bodywork will then be repaired where necessary, replaced entirely or, when needed, manufactured by our very own craftsmen. We can also repair any damage for you, before giving your classic a full paint job in your preferred colour.

Assembly & Engineering

The next step is to perfectly assemble the car with close attention to detail. Our aim is always to restore as many original parts as possible, but we can also perform various upgrades to make driving in today’s traffic safer and more comfortable, such as a modern five-speed gearbox, electric power steering and adjusted brake and cooling systems.

Purchase & Sale

We buy and sell cars, but can also track down any classic you like, import it from abroad and take care of a Dutch or Belgian license plate, if necessary.

The collection in our showroom, consists of our own stock and cars on consignment. We always have a varied selection on offer for you to marvel at.

About us

Nout Classic Cars restores classic cars for private customers and businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. We have an enthusiastic team of dedicated craftsmen with years of experience, who will treat your classic as if it was their own.

From our workshop and showroom in Dirksland, we perform all sorts of restoration, repair, maintenance and upholstery work.

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